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If you’ve got a structure that’s ready to come down, get in touch with a team of demolition contractors that’s good at what they do. Since 1971, Bruce Johnson Construction has been a team of demolition contractors dedicated to doing what we do with excellence for our customers. We have the equipment and the experience to handle demolition projects of all sizes, both commercial and residential. Get in touch with us today to schedule an estimate for what you’re looking to take down.

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All That Goes into Demolition

Our work as demolition contractors isn’t as simple as just coming in and knocking things down. To do it right, preparations need to be made. The demolition process, which can take weeks despite the time spent physically taking down a structure lasting only days, can take weeks from start to finish. Here, in general, is how we do things:

  • An estimate is given (and hopefully accepted)
  • If applicable, the material is tested for asbestos and other hazardous material. If necessary, this is remediated before moving ahead
  • Arrangements are made to get the necessary equipment to the job site
  • The structure is torn down
  • Material is hauled away or dealt with on-site (rare)
  • Final clean-up takes place

Who We Are As A Land Clearing Services & Site Development Company

Since 1971, Bruce Johnson Construction is a three-generation family-owned excavation company. From commercial utilities installation to job site preparation to septic system installation to demolition, we have the experience and dedication to quality to handle all residential or commercial demolition jobs no matter the size.

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Some 5-Star Reviews for Bruce Johnson Construction

  • “The septic tank was half covered by a concrete sidewalk. Codey sawed out a new exit line, dug a different hole for the new tank, filled the old tank with pea gravel, and kept the aesthetic of the front walkway.”
    Peter B.
  • “He was a pleasure to work with. He delivered on everything he promised. Would recommend this company to anyone!”
    Carl F.
  • “They were prompt, responsive and informative and really knew their [septic tank] product.”
    Angie’s List

FAQ About Our Work as Demolition Contractors

If you have further questions about what we do and how we do it, we encourage you to contact us.

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What are demolition contractors?

demolition contractors have the job of ensuring that structures are safely demolished and disposed of. This process includes

  • Testing and safely removing hazardous materials such as asbestos
  • Using heavy equipment and hand tools to safely tearing down a structure
  • Managing the disposal of the rubble generated by the demolition

Naturally, you’ll want someone you can trust with the equipment and experience to do this kind of work. That’s exactly the kind of demolition company we seek to be.

How much does it cost to demolish a house?

Because of the variables when associated with demolishing a building, costs can range from $5 to $20 per square foot. Some of the variables include the material which the house is made of – if it contains asbestos, for instance, that will certainly increase the cost.

How long does it take to demolish a building?

Unfortunately, the time can vary by several days to get everything torn down, dug up, and hauled away. For a better idea, please contact us to arrange a quote for your specific job. We’d be happy to talk timeline then.

Do you need a permit to demolish a building in Oregon?

Yes. But when you work with the demolition contractors at Bruce Johnson Construction, we take care of as much of that as possible for you. Our team will be happy to talk with you about the permitting process – call to arrange a quote today.

How do you handle asbestos testing and remediation?

Asbestos is found in many structures due for demolition. When demolishing homes built before 1977, especially mobile homes, asbestos testing is required before demolition so the waste can be appropriately disposed of. When we suspect that a building contains asbestos or any other hazardous material, we bring in a trusted subcontractor to test for it. They will also handle the asbestos remediation if necessary.

What does asbestos testing involve?

A sample must be taken from the house in a place where asbestos is likely to be, such as the ceiling or roof. An asbestos testing and remediation professional will know the best place to take that sample. The material is then sent to a lab where it is tested for the presence of asbestos. The results are then sent back and a plan is made to move forward.

What methods of demolition do you use?

If you mean “Do you use explosives?” – the answer is no. We will use heavy equipment to take down larger structures, and some hard work to pick up the details.

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